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Victim-Witness Assistance Program

In 1995, the Covington Police Department took an innovative step to provide better police services to the citizens of the City of Covington by implementing a Community Oriented Policing program. This program is designed to meet the needs of the community through a partnership between the law abiding citizens and the police department. One of the most important parts of this new program is the Victim Witness Assistance Program.

The Victim Witness Assistance Program is designed to offer assistance to both victims and family members of victims. The agencies listed in on the links page have been provided in a simple format for your convenience to use in the event you need services other than that provided by the police department. The Covington Police Department along with the District Attorney's office are working to ensure victims and witnesses receive high quality service from the criminal justice system.

If you are the victim of a crime then let me take this opportunity on behalf of the Covington Police Department to extend our deepest regrets. The criminal justice system, however, must have your cooperation to ensure a successful outcome in your case. The agencies which are listed here stand ready to assist you in your time of need. If you are a victim or a witness and need help, please contact the agencies listed in this brochure for help and support. If you need further information about your case, please call Capt. Willie Davis at 786-7605. The Covington Police Department is committed to continue providing effective, efficient, and professional law enforcement services.

If you are a victim...

If you are a victim of a violent crime, you may need support with financial, emotional, and physical problems that are facing you. No one expects to be a victim of crime, but it does take place. The criminal justice system has historically neglected the special needs of victims while concentrating on protecting the rights of the accused, but now times are changing.

If you are a witness...

If you are a witness to a crime and have received a subpoena to appear in court, you are required by law to attend. Your cooperation is very important to the prosecution of the person accused of the crime. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your scheduled court appearance, please contact the District Attorney's office at 784-2070 or the Victim-Witness Assistance Program Coordinator at the Covington Police Department.

If you need protection...

If you are being intimidated or threatened by the offender, please immediately contact the Police Officer or the Investigator assigned to your case. In the case of an emergency dial 911. You may also notify the Assistant District Attorney assigned to your case and advise them of the intimidation or threats.

If you need special services...

If you have been victimized by violent crime, you may need special emergency services. A list of victim service agencies is provided at the end of this page. If you use the services listed here make sure you tell the agency that you are using the services of the Covington Police Department's Victim -Witness Assistance Program.

Victim-Witness Assistance Services...

The Criminal Justice System can often be very burdensome for victims and witnesses of crime. Problems may include emotional, physical, and financial suffering. In order to ease these obstacles the Victim-Witness Assistance Program has been created. The Victim-Witness Assistance Program is here to assist crime victims and witnesses with emotional support and guidance through the webs of the Criminal Justice System. The following services are confidential and free of charge to crime victims and witnesses:

  • Information and Explanation about criminal justice proceedings.
  • Notifications for victims and witnesses of various court dates regarding their case.
  • Referrals to service agencies in the community which may provide help and assistance.
  • Property Recovery of stolen items that are being held as evidence.
  • Case Status Information to inform victims of the progress in their case.
  • Help in preparation of Victim Impact Statements.
  • General Assistance provided for problems resulting from victimization or witness intimidation.

Crime Victim Rights

The Georgia House of Representatives and Senate have passed resolutions recognizing the following rights for victims of crime:

  1. To be safe from harm and threats of harm arising from cooperation with peace officers and prosecutors;
  2. To have their safety and that of their families taken into consideration when bail is set;
  3. To receive information about the procedures in criminal investigations;
  4. To receive information about the procedures in the court and the criminal justice system;
  5. 5. To be entitled to submit information to the courts, probation department and parole officers in regard to the impact of the offense on the victim and his or her family;
  6. To receive promptly their property when it is no longer needed for use as evidence in court proceedings;
  7. To be informed about victim services and agencies that may provide assistance to victims; and
  8. To be present at all public court proceedings related to the offense.